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Artist's Statement

My approach is to put together existing visual discourses such as the nude, to reverse and disrupt the laws of optics to achieve alternative readings - different interpretations of reality and image. To use traditional devices such as scale and fragmentation in different ways to explore a language of closeness.  Magnification speaks of intense scrutiny, colour and line delineate an unknown body landscape, both intimate and distant.  Scale is reversed in smaller works and figures become signs, suggesting action or meaning.  Prints made directly from the body touch upon skin, form and impression.  The work questions ideas about the female body, beauty, gender, identity and cultural positions, to find new interpretations.  Investigations are ongoing...


Kathryn Wakeman received a diploma in art and design at Leamington College (1992) and her B.A. at Cheltenham School of Art (1995).  She received her M.A. at Northumbria University (1997) and was designated "a rising star of M.A. painting". 

Her work was exhibited at Herbert Museum and Art Gallery in the Coventry Open XVI and XIV North Tyneside Open and bought as part of their collection.  The work has been exhibited in the UK, including Northern Ireland, London, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh.  Exhibitions abroad include Russia, Spain, USA, Germany and Italy. 

She has been the recipient of two Arts Council Arts Residency Awards, two Arts Council Travel Awards, and European Development Award.  She is a recipient of a Tourism and the Arts Award from North Tyneside Council. 

She works from studios in London and Newcastle and in collaboration with USA based writer, R.D.Wakeman in developing innovative new works.


Art Collaborations

(with RD Wakeman, playwright)

Chronicle Live article about the artists



6th Jul to 14th Jul 2019

Carnival (Group show) - Fill The Gap Gallery, Leytonstone Underground Building, Church Lane, Leytonstone, London, UK

'Somersaulter'.   Opening Reception 6th Jul 10:30am


15th Jun to 5th Jul 2019

Gestalt 6 - BG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Moon Reach

24th to 27th Jan 2019

Gestalt Project - Circular Cluster (Group show) - BG Gallery booth at LA Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center

stone glass window, a circular work from our new collection Stone Sea Stars.

Convergencies - 2018 - The Exchange, North Shields

A collaboration of word and image to explore aspects of hierarchy and synchronicity.

Gestalt 5 (Group Show) - 2018 - BG Gallery, Santa Monica, California

desert sand road - a red work included in a group show curated by colour.

Changes - 2018 - The People's Theatre, Newcastle

A Conversation surrounding Changes, in Circumstances, in Conditions, and any ensuing Crises.  Images threaded with transparency or ribbon.  A dialogic exchange of word and image.

CIrcumstances - 2017 - Gallery 45, Morpeth

In Circumstances, conditions are connected to situations.  Images and words collude.  A tissue of words lies over an image, an image underlies a tissue of words.  Beside, inside, around, surround.

CrIses - 2017 - System Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Crises of clarity & direction at the crossroads of word & image.  Drawn and typed transparency converge.  Sketch and stamped ribbon coalesce.

CondItIons - 2017 - Circus Art, Edinburgh

Conditions of synchronicity, spontaneity & symbolism subsist.

Investigating hierarchy in word and image.  Drawings with a transparency of words. (Image & typed acetate.)

Circus, Circus - 2016 - Circus Cafe, Edinburgh

Chaos and uncertainty colliding in circus.  Drawings ticketed with an admission of word/thought.  (Image and ticket)

Salon Theatre - 2011 - C. Alevroyianni Assoc.s, Newcastle

Theatre and Art share the stage.  Four long paintings inside four short plays.  (Sheet paintings and staged readings)

Conversations - 2010 - University of Northumbria

Conversation with self, another, the Other.  (Image and words, side by side)

Moths - 2005 - Jedbrugh Art Centre, Scottish Borders

Words, like moths, flutter towards the light.  Gathering nectar or eating away at the fabric of existence.  (Mixed media)

Postcard profiles - 2002 - Horticultural Halls, London

A postcard can say a thousand words.  A thousand postcards can make one image.  (Art from postcards) 



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